German Design Award Nominee 2019 – Werbeagentur Weiden KREATIVMALEINS Oberpfalz

Every project always starts with a blank sheet of paper crying out to be turned into an attention-grabber.

Project description

„Combining the old and traditional with the new and modern. While taking care to leave the core message intact and recognizable“ – such was roughly the gist of our briefing. Our task will be to create a new logo for the new brand of MINSHIP Shipmanagement.  

An ocean shipping company traveling the world‘s oceans having its roots in Bavaria. Bavaria, ocean shipping and shipping company – elements which seem completely at odds at first glance are to be joined into an altogether new and innovative composition featuring a number of recognizable elements.

Our task will be to search for viable ideas and elements to be incorporated into the new logo.

In addition, the client wants the location of „Bavaria“ as „credo“ to remain just as recognizable in the new logo.

Only after reducing the original elements did we embark on finding new ideas for the new MINSHIP brand. 

The elements we consider for the shipping company‘s logo are the Bavarian lozenge and the
distinctive capital „M“.



Thank you for giving us your time and attention.


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